Hey Peeps!

Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one.  Loving this time of year as summer slowly (but surely) transitions into fall—I get to pull from all sections of my closet.  A light cardigan here, or a cashmere t-shirt there.  Speaking of closets, it can be pretty nerve-wracking when trying to plan an outfit to wear to a wedding. Although the height of wedding season has passed, the popularity of autumn and winter weddings is steadily climbing.  Therefore, if you find yourself attending a few nuptials between now and next spring, here are a few tips to remember:


First, dress for the season.  Although you looked really hot in that pretty chiffon sheath at your friend’s June wedding, you might want to consider another option for your other friend’s wedding in October.  The fall season usually ushers in the popularity of dark, rich, vibrant colors in jewel or earth tones coupled with heavier fabrics.


This takes me to the second tip:  Wear an outfit appropriate for the time of day in which the wedding will take place.  For example, if you’re attending an ‘after 5’ wedding, the attire will most likely require black-tie or evening wear.  Therefore, you don’t want to show up in a tan shirtdress made of jersey instead of an attractive cocktail dress in a ‘go-to’ color like black, navy blue, or one of fall’s ‘It’ colors, plum.

My final tip has to be this: Above all else, make sure the outfit has the perfect F.I.T. – finesse, inference, and taste.  Whether you want to wow the crowd, or just your date for the wedding, you must make sure that your outfit speaks (positive) volumes about who you are.  If you have to ask if you’re showing too much cleavage, you probably are.  If you tend to be more conservative, then you might not be comfortable showing lots of skin.  Ultimately, you want to be remembered as a wedding guest who dazzled—without stealing the bride’s shine.


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