Hello Peeps!

Today is Friday, and it’s time to talk all-things fashion.   Along with the steadily climbing  temperatures, there are some very hot  trends that have been going strong this season, including loosely braided ponytails and handlets.    

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Hot fun in the summer means creating looks that are laid back without losing your sense of style.  A loosely braided ponytail a`la Katniss Everdeen does just the trick.  Plus, if you have to go from day to evening without missing a beat, just add a jeweled barrette or wrap the ponytail into a soft chignon. 

Another cute trend that’s been gaining steam for quite some time is the hand bracelet or handlet.  Seen on celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lawrence and even Ms. Bey at a recent a basketball game,  this latest fashion craze is definitely eye-catching.  However, it may prove to be a little uncomfortable for some fashionistas.  The trick is to make sure that you find the right piece that will complement your hand width and the length of your fingers. 

Summertime is the perfect time to have fun with your hair and accessories.  Just remember that not all trends are created equal.  Therefore, stick to those that accentuate the good while minimizing the not-so-good.


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