Happy Fashion Friday Folks!

It looks like the 90’s are back in a big way.  First, Disney is revamping Boy Meets World with Girl Meets World, and now it appears that the Coogi brand is experiencing a resurgence.   Made famous by Bill Cosby’s Heathcliff Huxtable character, and some of hip-hop’s most popular artists of that decade, Coogi sweaters were ubiquitous at that time, to say the least.

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Although the brand’s popularity took a downturn in the following years, it has recently experienced a renaissance among the hipster crowd.  So, if you didn’t rock the look in the 90’s, you now have an opportunity to don Coogi’s multi-colored pieces.  However, if you want to get in on this trend for the spring/summer (and no one is trying to wear a sweater right now), try creating your own ‘Coogi-inspired’ look.  You can do this by looking for pieces that have a ‘global’ or ‘ethnic’ feel to it.  Plus, since the ‘global’ look is a fashion trend for the current season, you’ll be au courant. 

This is the season to experiment with your fashion, so definitely have some fun with it, and maybe your style will inspire others to wear the look as well.


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