Happy Tuesday All:

Yesterday I gave my own wrap up of this year’s Oscar fashions.  However, it would seem that I forgot to mention one trend that may have been started on Sunday night’s red carpet, as the color of Lupita Nyong’o’s gown has taken on a life its own.

Fashionistas, bloggers and trend finders are calling it Nairobi Blue because the actress said that the color reminded her of her homeland.  However, it is traditionally known as Duck Egg Blue or Powder Blue.  Either way, it appears that this color might give Radiant Orchid a run for its money.  So, I let my fingers do the walking and created an inspiration board that offers some great ideas on how to incorporate this color just in time for spring—thanks to retailers like EtsyLinens Unlimited and others.

DF collage 150

Whether it’s a bridesmaid’s dress, flatware, or home décor,  this color provides a serene, yet classic touch to any event or space.   Plus, since it is a pastel, it’s perfect for what’s hot this season!


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