Happy Fashion Friday!

Yesterday was ‘Throwback Thursday,’ the same day the AMPAS dished out Oscar nominations for the best of 2013 releases.  Ironically, one of the films leading the nominations is American Hustle, which takes place during the height of the disco era.  Since the film stars several popular actors, and the 2014 spring and summer runways featured fashion influenced by the decade, I am sure that we will see many 70’s fashion throwbacks on the streets over the next several months.

DF collage 113

However, the influence of the ‘Polyester Period’ really hasn’t gone anywhere.  It’s actually evolved and remained a mainstay from a lesser to a greater degree.  From makeup to nail color, from floppy beach hats to platform stilettos, the 1970’s has left a permanent mark on fashion trends.  Plus, it offers an array of hippy and trippy looks to make your own—for the 21st century of course.

So, take a look in your, or your mother’s, or your grandmother’s closet to see what you can rock as a redux for a groovy fashion statement!

As always, ‘Keep on Truckin!’

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