Happy Wedding Wednesday!

In honor of National Dog Day lets pay homage to the couples best friend.

Brides and grooms spend a lot of time figuring out how to incorporate certain family members into their weddings.  Should you dance with your stepfather?  Are you obligated to make your niece a flower girl?  For many couples, their pets are an important part of the family, and wonder how to add them to the wedding, too.

The most common way that couples add their pets to the wedding is to have them walk down the aisle at the ceremony- either as a ring bearer, flower pet, or just as part of the wedding party.  While your pet brings you a lot of joy every day, it can be stressful to plan the logistics of having them join you at your wedding.


Here are some tips for incorporating your furry loved ones into your big day:

– Make sure your venue allows pets.  This is the number one rule! Many beaches do not allow pets during the peak season from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and reception halls that serve food usually can’t have animals inside the building for health code reasons.

– Consider if your dog can handle this much attention; even the most calm pooch can be nervous around that many people.  Naturally, they would feel safer by your side, so keep your pet close to you at the altar or have the maid of honor or best man hold on to the leash.  It is also helpful to practice the walk down the aisle with him/her beforehand.

– Be prepared.  Have a bag ready with a brush, treats, water, and your pet’s favorite toy.  It would ease your mind to hire a pet sitter for the day, also.  They will ensure that your dog or cat is well taken care of and well-behaved.  And for guests with allergies, you may want to have a box of Benedryl on hand.

– If it’s not possible to have your pet at the altar with you, there are other ways to add him/her to your wedding.  Do your engagement photos with your pet; it’s a much more controlled environment and you will have lasting memories of the day.

Keep in mind these tips aren’t just for dogs- many couples have incorporated their birds, rabbits, horses, and even hedgehogs into their weddings.  Regardless of where the furry family member falls in the animal kingdom, pets are an important part of a couple’s lives.  Adding your pet to your wedding is sweet and has a personal touch.  Just keep in mind your pet’s personality and be prepared that it may not be perfect.

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