Happy Tuesday Peeps!

Hope these dog days of summer (here in the U.S.) are treating you well between final vacation stops and back to school activities.  However, as you prepare to ‘flip your house’ for the upcoming season, and start tossing some items like that old, rickety fan, you may want to take a second look for some DIY inspiration.


Blades from small to large ceiling fans or portable fans can be repurposed as unique decor like the one in the Diva of DIY photo above.  From mirrors to furniture, bathrooms fixtures to kitchen flatware, if you have the time, patience and creativity to see it through, you can embark upon some great fall DIY projects.  Plus, let’s not forget the holiday season that is fast approaching.  You can definitely make some dynamite tablescapes or a metal/wooden turkey door greeter with old blades, paint, fabric and some wires.

So, let’s get moving and see what you find in your ‘to-go’ pile—because one season’s trash, could be another season’s treasure.


Tiffany Chalk Signature