Happy Tuesday Peeps!

Hope all is well and life is treating you good.   Speaking of life, today’s tip is a little more inspirational than instructional.

It’s hard to believe, but we are already passed the first half of 2015.  When your busy living, time surely flies.  As an event designer, I am always looking in the future—my job requires it.  Therefore, I am constantly aware of the date on the calendar.  As such, I realize that this would be a good time for many of us to take stock in where we are, both personally and professionally.


If you are in between summer vacations or if you are planning on an extended ‘staycation,’ use the time to re-evaluate your goals for 2015.  Are you able to check some items off as completed?  Or, did you burn out after April?  Now is a great time to dust yourself off and get inspired to finish your year strong.  One way to do this is to embark upon a pre/post-season inventory project.  Just take a note from retailers, as most are already stocking their floors with pre-Fall clothing.  July is a good month to start sifting through closets and preparing for the next season since many kids are heading back to school next month.

Does your business need an inventory check-up?  Start reviewing receipts and other paperwork that may need to be shredded or filed away.  Maybe you need to review your relationship with your vendors, or consider over-hauling your company’s brand/image?  Finally, you can’t forget the most important item of all—you.   Many of us may have given up on our New Year’s resolutions to get fit even before the month of January ended.  However, the summer is a great time to get a workout routine started (again) and to take advantage of the fruits and veggies that are in season.

Remember, the only one you are competing against is you.  So, take some time this month to reflect and repurpose 2015!


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