Happy Tuesday All:

Hope your Memorial Day was joyously memorable.   As we chug along through late spring, the next stop on the celebrations calendar is Father’s Day.  In the midst of bride and grad season, dads can sometimes feel like a second thought when it comes to their special day.   Unlike mothers, choosing how to celebrate fathers can be a little more challenging.  However, it doesn’t have to be.

tool candy

As I previously suggested for Mother’s Day, you can’t go wrong with using your dad’s most favorite things as a theme for his celebration.  Does pop like to hang out at some of the big box hardware stores during his free time?  Is he a tool lover or enjoy working on small projects around the house?  Have a ‘tool time’ theme for his celebration.  Serving hors d’oeuvres in a toy tool chests and candies in the shape of his favorite hardware accessories are some ideas you can incorporate.


If he is a golf fan, set up a mini putt-putt course in the backyard, along with a fabulous barbecue and a cake to complement the theme.

golf cake

Honoring dads is not as challenging as we think it is.  The most important thing to remember is that most guys like to keep it simple.  So, if  a day of lounging around in his robe while watching a marathon of his favorite sport will make him the happiest, then so be it.   Just remember, father knows best.

See ya,

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