Hey Peeps!

We are having an early preview of summer weather right in the middle of spring.  So, just as we are preparing to celebrate Mom’s here in the U.S., we can’t forget that this is also prom season.  Proms have come a long way since I was in high-school—thankfully.  Yet, the one thing that will never change are the many memories that one takes away from this annual ritual.

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Like weddings, the most important item for this event is the dress.  From this past awards season to last night’s Met Gala, young ladies have a plethora of inspiration for their prom night look.  Now, prom night is not just about the dance itself, and although many schools offer pre- and post-prom activities for their students, kids can still plan a unique celebration for the affair.   A next-day brunch at the house, or pre-dance mocktail party can be a highlight to top off, or start the evening.

I do love seeing young people enjoy their yearly rite-of-passage as they prepare to say good-bye to high school.  As an event designer and Mom whose planned my share of prom expos and after prom parties, I appreciate the excitement that it generates among the kids.


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