A Happy Tuesday To You!

Hope your staying warm in the midst of this frigid winter, and if you’re in a warm and balmy climate, I won’t hate—much!  Just kidding; but, fortunately, we have Valentine’s Day to look forward to this weekend!  If you’re still not sure of what to plan for your sweetie, or if your budget will not allow for extravagant celebrations, you can’t go wrong with a V-Day breakfast or brunch for two!

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Breakfast and brunch items are generally much less costly than the typical romantic dinner offerings like steak or seafood.  Plus, you can get really cute and creative by making heart-shaped pancakes and waffles, or serving the breakfast by candelight.  If you are living in an area where you know you’ll be snowbound for the weekend, you can opt to make a brunch fit for a king (or queen) that you and your honey can nosh on for most of the day while you relax in front of the fireplace or have a watch-a-thon of romantic movies courtesy of Netflix while sipping on some mimosas or spiced hot chocolate.

Remember, for Valentine’s Day you don’t have to break the bank to shower your ‘boo’ with appreciation.  A little creativity and WHOLE LOT OF LOVE goes a long way!


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