Happy Wednesday!

Thanksgiving week is here, and we’re in the final countdown to Turkey Day!  Whether your looking forward to the gathering of friends and family, or the Black Friday deals, we can all agree that most of us do not look forward to facing the leftovers.  However, with the right recipes, those leftovers have the uncanny ability to morph into great new meals that can be served during your long holiday weekend.


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After an all-day marathon of shopping (or the next day), have a night of ‘foods from around the world’ by serving some popular dishes like empanadas, pasta bolognese or nachos all made with leftover Thanksgiving turkey.   If there are multiple chefs among your family and friends, assign each of them a recipe to create to show off their cooking skills.

So, when you’re staring at the remaining 20-pound gobbler sitting on your table, there’s no need to fret when you think of the possibilities that your ‘leftover-makeover’  will bring!


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