Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Now that pre-wedding season is underway, one of the most important things for a bride and groom to be mindful of is wedding etiquette.   I promise, although it may seem like an afterthought, there’s no more sure-fire way of putting a damper on your festivities than having a family member who might be upset over a forgotten acknowledgement (among many other potential oversights).

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We can all agree that the culture of western civilization has changed dramatically.  These days,  families are more blended than ever.  Therefore, if step-parents are part of one’s family, it can leave couples  in a quandary as to which parent’s name should appear on the invitations.  Of course, with more and more individuals waiting later in life to marry, is a mature couple required to have their parents’ name on the invitation?

What about the cost of the wedding?  Traditionally, the bride’s family was expected to shoulder the cost of the nuptials.  Should that rule still apply for couples when both parties are established professionals?  What about tipping?  Should vendors expect a gratuity in addition to their cost for services?   The questions can go on forever.

Fortunately, for those needing to brush up on their etiquette prowess, the Empress of Etiquette, Emily Post offers an encyclopedia of references for various social situations.  Ultimately, the bride and groom should rely on their wedding designer to shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that they adhere to the most expected decorum given the unique details surrounding their wedding.

Of course, you shouldn’t feel obligated to live up to every little expectation.  You’ll do well to just focus on the majors. 

Oh well, even though the pending winter storm, Vulcan is about to rain on my parade, like another famous Vulcan, I hope you, ‘Live long and prosper!’

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