Good Wedding Wednesday To You!

The Easter holiday is a wonderful time to consider exchanging vows.  This year, it comes in late April; therefore, the spring season will be in its full bloom.  Plus, the holiday provides a great opportunity for family and friends to gather.  So, a couple can take advantage of the festive occasion and all that it has to offer.


Easter wedding cake picutre

For couples who honor Easter’s religious origins, a church wedding drenched in pretty pastels and fresh florals provide a wonderful backdrop for them to celebrate their love.  However, for non-religious couples, the holiday’s theme of starting anew, can highlight an English garden wedding trimmed in ivy and honeysuckle.


The holiday can also be the inspiration for your reception.  A miniature spring motif consisting of colored egg shells stuffed with miniature roses and porcelain figurines, or faux Faberge eggs are great ideas for centerpieces.  Additionally, a menu that includes French-cuisine favorites such as Salade Nicoise, Pissaladiere and Coq au Vin will only be topped by a wedding cake created with beautifully decorated macadamia vanilla cupcakes filled with chocolate mousse.

From intimate backyard nuptials to a seaside extravaganza, there is no end to the options available for an Easter wedding.  Plus, unlike the winter holidays, Easter tends to be less stressful.  Therefore, what better time to begin your new life as husband and wife than during the season of new beginnings?


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