Hello All:

Are you one of the many like myself who are knee-deep in the ‘great deep freeze’ of 2014?   Needless to say, frigid weather like this can put a (frozen) damper on an event.  Yet, it can also provide great inspiration.  Therefore, since we won’t be saying bye to winter for quite some time, I say use it as an enchanting back-drop.


DF collage 107

Besides ice sculptures, elements like crystals, ice blue and white-colored fabrics, mirrors and pearls can make your elegant event look like a winter wonderland.   The right lighting can add the right ambiance as well.  You can also add nuances that provide a contrast to the current season.  For example, if you have decor that looks like it came straight out of the movie, Frozen you can serve a menu that celebrates the coming seasons of spring and summer.

Yeah, I know it’s not easy to have fun when the Fahrenheit is falling like a frosty snowflake, but to paraphrase a famous quote: if you can’t beat winter, at least have a great time while enduring it!


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