Christmas trees are going up and the lights are starting to twinkle throughout neighborhoods indicating that we are in the full swing of the holiday season.  

These days, it doesn’t take much money to decorate your home with cute and imaginitive yuletide themes.   In fact, cotton balls are a regular household item that can be used in your Christmas decor.   Yes, cotton balls! 

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Of course, when you think of cotton balls and Christmas crafts, you automatically go back to your first grade project where you had to make a Santa Claus face with construction paper and glue.   However, with string, thin silver (or gold) wire, glitter, glue and maybe a little dye, you can have a fun (yet, grown-up) holiday display for less than ten dollars. 

It may be a little too quirky for some, but as always, I encourage you to let your imagination run wild.   Your level of creativity just might surprise you!

Happy Holidays,

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