In celebration of the NBA finals,  I would like to know who stayed up late last night to see the Miami Heat defeat the Spurs in game 6 OT to tie the series 3-3?   Today’s blog post was already set to be dedicated to headpieces, but with the latest controversy over Lebron James playing significantly better after removing his infamous headband in the 4th qtr and OT begs the question of brides and basketball players alike: “headband or no headband?”  
Headpieces, headbands or tiaras can be a great compliment to any brides attire and since the latest release of the movie the Great Gatsby, we are seeing chains, headbands, feathers and scarves as both perfect accessories and nod back to the 1920’s fashion trend.  Headpieces are being worn more contemporarily and without the veil.  Floral headpieces have made a comeback with a ethereal elegance for the unconventional bride.   Whether the NBA players decide to ditch their headbands or not, this is a trend we love and is here to stay!
Check out some of our fave looks!

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