Happy Tuesday!!

For my Tuesday Tip this week I would like to talk about one of my fave aspects of event design…the FLOWERS!!

Since I was a young girl, I’ve always had a love for the flora and fauna.  I would often put my green thumb to work by helping my grandmother with the grooming of her vibrant flowerbeds.   Although my friends laughed at me  for taking Horticulture in high school, little did they know how the skills learned at the time would serve me well in my future business.



So, here are 3 things you need to know before you sit down with your event or floral designer:

1. What’s your fave—most brides always want their favorite flower or the flower their soon-to-be husband buys them the most to play a special part in their big day.

2. What color are you desiring to have it in: certain flowers only come in specific colors while others can be found in almost every color. If your flower doesn’t come in your color of preference, don’t fret.   There are ways to get the flower and color combination you want most! In fact, that’s when the magic happens!

3. Is it in season? Knowing the season of a particular flower is important for many reasons, namely, it’s accessibility and cost!  If your flower of choice is out of season that means 3 things…mo money, mo money, mo money! LOL!!

We have put together a little chart to help you out! It’s our top flower picks for each season and their color availability.


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