Luther Vandross once sang about the Power of Love.  I want to sing the praises of the COLOR OF LOVE—RED!  Okay, it may not be the official color of love, but walk by any gift or greeting card store this month and you may think otherwise.  🙂

So, in case you hadn’t heard, RED is my most “FAVORITEST” color EVER!!!  From red lipstick to a red car – you name it, I’ve had it or currently have it in that color.  I guess it was meant to be as I was fortunate enough to be born in the month synonymous with LOVE, aka February.   As a young girl I would wonder why my birthstone wasn’t garnet, and recall trying to MAKE garnet my birthstone!   But, it’s ok—I learned to deal with it and I now combine red AND purple, or better yet, the birthstone color amethyst! Can’t you see it—red and purple! During this month, RED is especially held in high regard as ‘amour’ is celebrated all over the world. Therefore, I’d like to think of February as the month of LOVE and ROYALTY!

I recall being a bridesmaid in a wedding wherein the color scheme was red, purple and metallic gold.  The bridesmaids wore a very rich ruby red velour gown with gorgeous balloon metallic short sleeves and the Maid of Honor  wore a very rich purple gown accented with metallic balloon short sleeves.  The colors blended so very nicely and the guests gave rave reviews!  I will always remember that wedding – very royal, rich and romantic!

So in honor of this month, I wanted to inspire our brides-to-be, or those who are planning that special Valentine Day wedding or pop-the-question event, and any fellow birthday girls or boys.  Be creative and don’t be afraid to combine and experiment with two of the richest colors in the decor of your special day!  Go with red and add a pop of purple or go purple and add a pop of red and you mustn’t forget the silver or gold accents!

So in the Spirit of Love and Royalty have fun using reds and purples from flowers to invitations when planning that special day for the one you love!

Believing in the Power of Love!

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