When thinking of Christmas, the colors red and green usually come to mind.  However, icy hues like powder blue, silver, charcoal and taupe are a sophisticated mix for a winter wedding. The crispness they posses make an absolutely gorgeous backdrop for a ceremony.

One advantage of having a wedding during this time of year is that most venues offer less expensive pricing than during the summer.   This may free up your budget so that you can splurge on details in your decorations and food.  Holiday favorites like hot or frozen cocoa and peppermint bark make great additions to a dessert menu.  Using baby’s breath like falling snow in the centerpieces or pinecones in your bouquet are beautiful touches.  Lots of crystals and silver will make the whole room sparkle.

If you’re not a real snowbird, there are some ways to “cheat” the cold.  If you are having your ceremony or cocktail hour outdoors or on a screened porch, ask your event planner to rent space heaters for the room.  Experts suggest 1 per 10 guests for optimal warmth.  When taking pictures outside in the snow, wear a chic fur shawl to keep warm- or just snuggle up close to your groom!

The key to a fabulous winter wonderland wedding is to remember the holiday traditions that your families cherish.  Or, start your own for the life you’re just beginning together.

It may be freezing outside, but this décor is far from being frigid!

So, would you consider having a wedding during the holiday season?

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