{Fashion Friday} Wear White All Year Through!

Happy Fashion Friday!

Well, September is halfway over and many have started their pre-planning for the cold weather and holiday season.   However, sense NYFW for Spring 2016 has just ended, this a most opportune time to discuss the ’no-white-colors-after-Labor-Day’ rule.

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Yes, there was such a rule once upon a time, and many women were made to feel like fashion misfits if they dared to wear white once September was in full swing.   Well, I’m here to remind you to kick that rule out the window!   There’s nothing wrong with wearing white throughout the whole year.  However, you just want to make sure that it’s the appropriate shade of white.

Now that we are heading into the fall/winter months, you want to put away your bright, pastel white colors normally worn during the spring/summer and pull out your soft, winter white shades like Antique White, Ecru, or Vanilla.   You can also adorn your home with various shades of winter white whether it’s with beautiful lampshades in the living room or den, or a luxurious comforter set for your master or guest bedrooms.

Having good fashion sense is never a joke, but we can’t take it too seriously.  The most important (and only) tip to remember is to have fun with it!


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