{Fashion Friday} Fall 2014 Fashion Round-Up!

Happy (Fashion) Friday Folks!

Let’s all give a collective ‘Yay!’ for the weekend.  I’ve been enjoying a much needed vacation; however, I can’t help but notice all of the big sale signs in the stores. Of course, a ‘budgetnista’ like me absolutely loves those signs in the windows. Yet, they are a bigger indication of the impending fall season.

I know that summer has barely started, but any girl worth her weight in designer essentials know that July marks the time in retail where stores are clearing out the shorts and flip-flops to make way for hot leather boots and funky, chunky winter coats.   On one hand, it’s great because you’re able to get summer clothes at a premium (at least here in the U.S.).  On the other hand, it is a little bit of a let-down to be reminded that long and lazy summer days will soon come to an end. 

Anyhoo, enough of feeling sorry for ourselves, here’s a quick round-up of what we can look forward to this autumn:

Olivia Pope has got it handled at The Limited:  Just this week, the store announced its collaboration with the show’s costume designer and its star, Kerry Washington in bringing a collection inspired by the character to a Limited near you!

Alexander Wang and H&M:  Back in April the designer and the retailer announced their much-anticipated partnership for fall 2014!

Elie Tahari:  One of my personal faves will be featured at Kohl’s in September.  I foresee a line outside of their stores to rival any Black Friday crowd!

Finally, Target will be featuring another celebrity favorite, Joseph Altuzarra in their stores starting in September as well!

Whew!  So many hot designer creations available at such budget-friendly prices!  You know, a closet remodel would be a great summer project for my husband.  Hmmm…



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{Fashion Friday} Grundge Match!

Happy Fashion Friday Folks!

The weekend is here and the first day of summer is tomorrow!   After an extremely busy week, I am ready to soak in the sun and sink my pedicured toes in the sand.   Speaking of the season, it would seem that this is the summer of 90′s comebacks and reunions.  In recent weeks, the cast of A Different World and Blossom have come together to remember their popular sitcoms.   Of course, we can’t forget the current spin-off of A Boy Meets World, or the recently announced tv movie about the behind-the-scenes-drama of the show, Saved By The Bell.

Since the decade has come back in a big way, the fashion is surely to follow.  Most folks would probably agree that 90′s fashion should remain in the 90′s.  However, there are a few takeaways that you can most definitely rock in your wardrobe right now. 

Grundge was the stand-out trend of the decade.  So, try adding a leather jacket here, or a pair of stratetigically ripped jeans there for a 90′s-inspired outfit without looking like a reject from the film, Reality Bites.  

grunge 1

You can also combine some Converses or Doc Martins with a cute summer dress and some funky accessories for an outfit that is grundge-inspired without looking dated. 

grunge 2

The summer is the time to have fun and cut loose a little bit, and the perfect time to indulge in a trend that has a short shelf-life.


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{Tiffany’s Tips} Viva la World Cup!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Hope your summer season is going as planned.   With all the ‘grads and dads’ celebrations happening this month, it may be easy to forget about the ‘global superbowl’ event of the summer—which is the World Cup!  

In addition to the Olympics, the FIFA sporting event unites the entire globe.  So, if you are a ‘football’ fan or have some in your life, plan on a fun party to celebrate the opening ceremony.


Need some ideas for the menu?  No problem.  How about serving foods representing all the nations that will be vying for the title?   If you want decor for the party, but don’t want to bust the budget,  purchase styrofoam balls and water paints from an arts and crafts store, and decorate each of them with colors representing the flags of each nation.  Since Brazil is hosting the event,  serve up some Caipirinha, which is the country’s national cocktail.

These are just a few ideas you can use to ensure a festive occasion, but as always, let your creativity shine!  Before you know it, you and your guests will be seeing We Are One (Ole Ola) along with J.Lo and Pitbull.


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{Tiffany’s Tuesday Tips} Inspiration From the CFDA!

Happy Tuesday Folks!

It’s the beginning of June and the summer season is underway, and one of the social events of the season is the CFDA in NYC.  If you are not living under a rock, you’ve probably already heard about the numerous fashion missteps that occurred on the CFDA’s red carpet last night.  Unfortunately, the Adam Selman creation that Rihanna wore was one of them, according to some fashion critics and blogs.  However, in my book the headwrap was on fiya!


This look is ‘all-the-rage’ for the summer season.  It can be dressed up for an evening event, or dressed down for a poolside (or beachfront) cocktail party.  You may ask, “What does this have to do with DIY tips?”  Hey, not all of us can command creations from the industry’s hottest designers like major pop stars.  However, we can look like we do without busting the budget.   First, run (not walk) to your local arts & crafts store for some stretched tulle.  If you’re fortunate, you may find some with beading already sewn in the fabric.  If not, pick up some beading (translucent or colored), and transparent fabric glue and get to creating.

Summertime is the perfect to time to get a little bold in your fashion statement, and a scarf or headwrap decorated with pretty beading is a great accessory with which to accent that statement!


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