{Wedding Wednesday} Gingerbread Wedding Cake

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Gingerbread is enjoyed all year long, but especially not more than during the holiday season.   At the sight of a beautifully decorated gingerbread house, even the most serious of adults can resort to child-like abandonment.

A beautiful wedding cake made out of gingerbread, or inspired by a ginerbread house will incite the same response among wedding guests.

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As you can see, a bride doesn’t have to totally commit to a traditional gingerbread house for her wedding cake—unless she wants to.  From cake toppers to cake flavors, this holiday favorite can be the main attraction or a whimsical addition to your reception menu.    Gingerbread cookies with your wedding date is a great option as well.

However it is included, it will surely put a smile on the faces of the guests!


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{Wedding Wednesday} Vendor Spotlight: Wiregrass Weddings

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today’s vendor spotlight focuses on Wiregrass Weddings.  They are TCE’s go-to experts for wedding stationary.

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Located in Elba, Alabama, they are an online wedding stationery store that caters to brides of every style and budget.  With a full in-house staff, Wiregrass Weddings offers wedding programs, wedding invitations, table numbers, wedding menus, place cards, custom designs, letterpress designs and die cut shapes.  The company strives to offer new products constantly to keep up with the ever-evolving trends in the world of weddings.




So, here’s a big thank you to  Laurie and her  team at Wiregrass Weddings who provides TCE brides the right personal touch to their special day.


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{Tiffany’s Tuesday Tips} Mistletoe and You

Happy Tuesday!

Although there are variations on the folklore surrounding mistletoe, no one can deny that it is a favorite among Christmas decorations–especially when you are standing under it with your sweetie.  However, it’s not just for hanging anymore.

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Mistletoe can be incorporated into your holiday decor as part of your dining room or coffee table centerpiece.  It can also be used as a seasonal addition to the bouquet for a Christmas bride.   You can also use it as garland for enviroment-friendly gift wrapping.    However, just be careful when using mistletoe as there are various types, and some are considered very harmful.   So, DIYers—do your homework!

However you decide to use this popular yuletide perennial, please be careful, be creative and most importantly, make sure it’s fun!

Best Holiday Wishes!

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{Fashion Friday} ’50/50′ Vision

It’s Fashion Friday and today I highlight famed shoe designer, Stuart Weitzman. Although I’m a ‘Red Bottom’ girl through-and-through, no fashionista can deny the appeal of his iconic footwear including the ‘5050 Boot.’  This year, the famous thigh-high boot reaches its 20-year anniversary.

DF collage 50

The “pull-on boot with a stretched back” makes it easy for almost any calf-size to slide right in (yay!).  At around $600 a pair, these high-steppers make for a serious, yet worthy investment.  Available in various shades including leather, black patent and suede, the ‘5050’ can be dressed-down with some hot jeans or add an edgy-punch to the right dress.

I’m not sure if Mr. Weitzman was aware that his famous boots would gain such a following at the time of their creation; but, as they say,  hindsight is ‘20/20’—or in this case, ‘50/50.’


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{Wedding Wednesday} Gifts for Your Attendants

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

You’re getting married, and you and the groom have chosen your most cherished of friends to stand with you on one of the most important days of your lives.  Of course, you want to make sure that the gifts for your attendants’ reflect how special they are.

Like every other aspect of weddings, couples are selecting gifts for their bridal parties that exhibit their unique style, yet demonstrate their appreciation for those chosen to share in such a momentous occasion.

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A timepiece with an inscription, a gift bag of goodies, specially-designed wine glasses, a classic liqueur gift set, or a delicate piece of jewelry are but a few gift ideas that you can make your own.

Speaking of making your own, you may also want to consider making homemade gifts for your attendants that will surely reveal how much your friends mean to you.

Yet, no matter what you decide, just know that your attendants’ gifts are an important aspect of the entire wedding experience that they will always treasure.

All the best!

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{Fashion Friday} Floral Arm Candy

Happy Fashion Friday!

For many of us girls, the first time we ever wore a corsage was when our date pinned it on us for our first school dance.  However, look at a most recent prom picture and you will see that many young ladies now prefer a wrist corsage so that their garlands do not obscure the aesthetics of their outfit.

Of course, wrist corsages have now bloomed into ‘full out’ arm candy in the form of floral arm bands.  Not to be worn exclusively for special events, these accessories can add a pretty accent to a sundress, or be a funky statement piece for a sleeveless, leather jumpsuit with platform stilettos.

Finally, we can’t forget our brides.  If you’re a bride-to-be who’s not too keen on carrying a bouquet, or rather carry an item of more personal significance down the aisle, an arm bouquet may be what you are looking for!

 DF collage 41

So, who needs to wear their heart on their sleeve, when they can rock a pretty posey on their arm?   Enjoy!


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{Tiffany’s Tuesday Tip} Selecting A Venue

Next to choosing a wedding gown, the most nerve-wracking of pre-wedding tasks for a bride (and groom) is the selection of the venue.   In times past, most brides settled for the traditional church wedding for the ceremony, and an alternative location for the reception.  However, weddings have become more personalized to reflect the specific tastes and lifestyle of the couple.  Therefore, it is important that the venue reflect the couple’s ‘personality’ as well.



Here are a few key items that you want to be aware of when searching for the perfect wedding venue:

  • Make sure that the site can accommodate the number of invited guests.  You don’t want a facility that is too small or too large.
  • Does the look and atmosphere coincide with the theme of the wedding?  If you want a rustic-themed reception, then a downtown hotel ballroom in a major metropolitan area will probably not be on your list of potential locations.
  • Does the facility have elements that fit the needs of you and your guests (i.e.: menu, bar, an additional room where the photographer can set up, adequate number of powder rooms, parking, etc.)?
  • Budget, budget, budget.  It is very important that the venue fits your budgetary requirements.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of what to be mindful of when shopping for the perfect site.  However, these tips (along with a savvy wedding planner) can help guide you in making the right choices for your special day!


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