{TIffany’s Tuesday Tips} Tying A Theme Together

Happy Tuesday!

It is always fun to plan a party when there is a significant or special theme involved. It provides you with a springboard to get your creative juices following to bring the clients vision to life.  We had the opportunity to do just that with for the 50th birthday celebration of our senior wedding planner Sonya’s  husband Howard.

Anyone who knows Howard knows that he loves to laugh and is a comedian in his own right. Keeping that in mind, Sonya chose the theme, Comedy Central for the party along with both of their favorite colors.  The setting for the party  put you right in the middle of a comedy club or dinner theatre.  The  room dimly lit with red uplighting  and  the streaming sounds from the live jazz band set the tone for a night of laughter and fun.


A few tips you can follow as Sonya did when planning Howard’s party are the following because remember its all about the guest of honor and celebrating them :

  • Personality (funny,jokester and very generous)
  • Favorite color (red and black)
  • Favorite cuisine (italian)
  • Favorite pastime or hobby  (reading. sports and spending time with his family)
  • Favorite genre of music (jazz and R&B)

Here are a few snapshots from Howard’s celebration!









sweet memories table with custom Tastykake Krimpet cake and lemon pie tower (the guest of honoe loves Tastycakes)

sweet memories table with custom Tastykake Krimpet cake and lemon pie tower (the guest of honoe loves Tastycakes)


Entertainment from Comedian Larry Lancaster

Entertainment from Comedian Larry Lancaster



Sonya, Howard, Howard 3rd and Caleb

Sonya, Howard, Howard 3rd and Caleb





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{Fashion Friday} National Flip Flop Day

Happy Friday!!

In celebration of today being National Flip Flop Day we are showcasing some of our fave thonged footwear.  The question  if flip flops are appropriate footwear outside of the  sandy beaches is still debatably but for this one day just wear your flip flops ANYWAY!!!



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{Wedding Wednesday} What does the LeBron James and Brides have in common?

In celebration of the NBA finals,  I would like to know who stayed up late last night to see the Miami Heat defeat the Spurs in game 6 OT to tie the series 3-3?   Today’s blog post was already set to be dedicated to headpieces, but with the latest controversy over Lebron James playing significantly better after removing his infamous headband in the 4th qtr and OT begs the question of brides and basketball players alike: “headband or no headband?”  
Headpieces, headbands or tiaras can be a great compliment to any brides attire and since the latest release of the movie the Great Gatsby, we are seeing chains, headbands, feathers and scarves as both perfect accessories and nod back to the 1920′s fashion trend.  Headpieces are being worn more contemporarily and without the veil.  Floral headpieces have made a comeback with a ethereal elegance for the unconventional bride.   Whether the NBA players decide to ditch their headbands or not, this is a trend we love and is here to stay!
Check out some of our fave looks!

What are your thoughts?

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{Wedding Wednesday} Nordstrom and Esty Launch Bridal Collection

Happy Wedding Wednesday,

As always, we at Tiffany Chalk Events get super-excited whenever a new wedding collection launches!  Yesterday, one of our fave stores, Nordstroms along with the ever-popular Etsy.com announced their joint bridal collection for the ‘boho’ bride.  However, after sneaking a peek at the adorable collection, any bride can benefit from what the collection offers.

From whimsical accessories to uniquely-styled cutlery, a bride can find a range of items to fit her fancy.  The collection truly has the elegance of Nordstroms and the modern quirkiness of Etsy.

 What are your thoughts are the collection?
photo courtesy of www.nordtsrom.com

photo courtesy of www.nordtsrom.com

Shop these and other one-of-a-kind handmade items online and in select stores: http://bit.ly/106D6tV
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{Tiffany’s Tuesday Tip} Whats the scoop on tipping

Happy Tuesday!
As a planner, I frequently get asked what are the guidelines for tipping vendors: “Who gets a tip?” “How much should I tip?”  “Do I have to tip?”  It can be a little difficult at times to answer these questions as those who are incurring the costs for the wedding have already spent thousands of dollars.  Therefore, the idea of having to dish out additional monies may not be something they want to entertain.

For this reason, when working with a couple, it is always important to have the tipping discussion early in the planning process so it can be accounted for in the budget.  Ultimately, the bottom line is that there are no rules, and tipping is subjective to the experience of the bride and groom.


Nevertheless, here are my personal/professional thoughts on the matter:

  • Check your contracts and agreements because gratuity is sometimes built into the fees (if you see service charges in your agreement or contract, don’t assume it’s gratuity). Many times, venues—especially banquet halls—apply a service charge towards their overhead.
  •   It is customary to tip the delivery or set-up staff, bartender, wait staff, hairstylist and make-up artist.
  • Remember that tips are never obligatory―they are supposed to be expressions of appreciation for particularly good service.
  • Do tip the wedding officiant (Clergy may not accept a tip. Therefore, a donation would suffice).
  • There are no set guidelines regarding tip amounts.
  • As it is customary to not tip business owners, a personal gift is always a nice gesture for the planner, photographer, videographer or f


No matter what your final decision is regarding tipping, remember that it is always good to reward those who provide service that are ‘above and beyond.’

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{Wedding Wednesday} Brides, Maids and Manicures

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

As many of you may know before I became a full-time event planner I spent several years working in the spa industry as a manicurist, which eventually led to a management role.  Of course, my love for beautifully manicured nails has never diminished and helps when sharing my expertise with my brides.   The manicurist in me wants to make sure that their nails are plush and pampered for their big day.

This year, trends in nail preferences for brides and their ‘maids have changed from the typical soft pink and French manicure to more vibrant colors that are whimsical, flirty and fun!   Bridal parties realize that their nails are accessories and should be deemed as an extension of the wedding attire.


 Brides are also more open to show off their personality—right down to the mani and pedi.  They are gravitating towards trends that showcase their uniqueness with a touch of glam and ombre styles.


photo courtesy of the nail trail.com

For the bride who is looking for that  twist of something blue, we love this Lynnderella polish, “The Bride Turned Blue” for a fresh summer wedding!


photo courtesy of more polish.com

Lastly, another trend that maintains its popularity is bridal spa parties.  They give the bride and her “crew” a chance to unwind and sip some champagne while getting their hands and feet pampered in style.

Our good friends over at Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa say their brides love that they and their girls can all be together in the same room enjoying each other’s company while enjoying Pamper Perfect’s services.  Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa offers their clients the opportunity to laugh, talk, eat, drink and celebrate with those who will be sharing in one of the most specials days in their life—in the privacy of their own surroundings, be it home or a hotel suite. Unlike traditional salon settings where clients are forced to separate or celebrate in the midst of other salon patrons, Pamper Perfect takes the fun quotient up to another level by bringing the salon to their customers.


photo courtesy of invitesbybridal.com

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[Tiffany's Tuesday Tip} Flowers in Bloom

Happy Tuesday!!

For my Tuesday Tip this week I would like to talk about one of my fave aspects of event design…the FLOWERS!!

Since I was a young girl, I’ve always had a love for the flora and fauna.  I would often put my green thumb to work by helping my grandmother with the grooming of her vibrant flowerbeds.   Although my friends laughed at me  for taking Horticulture in high school, little did they know how the skills learned at the time would serve me well in my future business.



So, here are 3 things you need to know before you sit down with your event or floral designer:

1. What’s your fave—most brides always want their favorite flower or the flower their soon-to-be husband buys them the most to play a special part in their big day.

2. What color are you desiring to have it in: certain flowers only come in specific colors while others can be found in almost every color. If your flower doesn’t come in your color of preference, don’t fret.   There are ways to get the flower and color combination you want most! In fact, that’s when the magic happens!

3. Is it in season? Knowing the season of a particular flower is important for many reasons, namely, it’s accessibility and cost!  If your flower of choice is out of season that means 3 things…mo money, mo money, mo money! LOL!!

We have put together a little chart to help you out! It’s our top flower picks for each season and their color availability.


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{Real Weddings} Celebrity weddings weekend wrap-up

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I did, as I spent time with families and celebrating the many graduations of the season.  This past weekend also noted a lot of celebrity wedding buzz, so I decided to give you the dish on which celebrities got hitched!

Actress Lake Bell married her beau tattoo artist Scott Campbell in a star-studded ceremony on Saturday in New Orleans.  Lake was a vision of loveliness in a custom couture Marchesa gown and Scott donned Marc Jacobs. The couple celebrated with 190 family and friends at The Marigny Opera House.


Photos courtesy of okyd.livejournal.com

Also on Saturday in Big Sur, California, Sean Parker, Facebook’s first president and co-founder of the Napster wed singer-songwriter Alexandra Helen Lenas in a ceremony that was both, as the groom described, “modern and whimsical.”  The bride wore a dress designed by Elie Saab.  The groom’s wardrobe, guests’ and flower girls’ attire, and little Winter’s dress were all designed by Oscar winning costume designer, Ngila Dickson. The couple celebrated with 300 family and friends in a romantic, yet magical setting brought to life by celebrity floral and event designer Preston Bailey.

sean parker high res

photo courtesy of business insider.com via Mark Sellger

American Idols stars, Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo tied the knot at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.  The emotional ceremony took place in front of 250 family and friends. The bride wore a form-fitting Sareh Nouri gown with blue cowboy boots and the groom wore a custom-made box suit with a crest designed by Renee Strauss, the internationally known bridal stylist.  We just love the bright and cheery sunflower ceremony decor that fit perfectly with the couple’s purple and yellow theme.


Photos courtesy of eonline.com

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{DIY Saturday} Tissue Paper Sensations

Happy Saturday!

As a child, arts and crafts were always my favorite activity of the school day.  I never outgrew my love for it.   Plus, if tissue paper was involved, I was at my happiest.  Its array of vivid colors and the infinite ways to create whimsical results always amazed me.



I recently had the chance to indulge in some tissue paper crafting for a 1st birthday party. The party had aCandyland theme and I was inspired when visiting my favorite candy store, Candy For All Occasions located in Wilmington, DE.  This unique little store has a plethora of candy in every container imaginable.  There are even large oversized candies hanging on the walls.  It was those candies that inspired me to create my tissue paper madness.

Then, the shopping began, and off to my favorite craft store I went!  Assorted boxes, balloons, tissue paper, scissors, tape were acquired, and the mission of creating tissue paper candy and lollipops had begun!


So here’s a quick how-to on making your own tissue paper round candy:

Items needed:

1 Balloon

2 -3 sheets of tissue paper (if possible try to match the tissue paper to the color of the balloon)

2 pieces of curling ribbon (match the tissue paper color)

1 small piece of transparent tape (optional but not necessary)

Start off by blowing up your balloon according to the size of the candy you desire.  I would suggest at least half-size to get a nice size candy.  After your balloon is tied, wrap the sheets of tissue paper around the balloon twisting each end. Tie the curling ribbon on each end of the wrapped balloon and cut the loose ends. Make sure your tissue paper is smoothly wrapped around the balloon. If there are any spaces that won’t lay smooth, use the transparent tape to hold them.

To make your tissue paper candy resemble Jolly Ranchers, use a box instead of the balloon and an additional layer of clear cellophane over the tissue paper.


Tissue paper crafts are suitable for events from grade school-aged children to adults and they will surely wow your guest every time!


Joren’s  1st Birthday Party pics
photos courtesy of my Iphone 5 :)


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