{Wedding Wednesday} Walking in a Winter Wonderland

When thinking of Christmas, the colors red and green usually come to mind.  However, icy hues like powder blue, silver, charcoal and taupe are a sophisticated mix for a winter wedding. The crispness they posses make an absolutely gorgeous backdrop for a ceremony.

One advantage of having a wedding during this time of year is that most venues offer less expensive pricing than during the summer.   This may free up your budget so that you can splurge on details in your decorations and food.  Holiday favorites like hot or frozen cocoa and peppermint bark make great additions to a dessert menu.  Using baby’s breath like falling snow in the centerpieces or pinecones in your bouquet are beautiful touches.  Lots of crystals and silver will make the whole room sparkle.

If you’re not a real snowbird, there are some ways to “cheat” the cold.  If you are having your ceremony or cocktail hour outdoors or on a screened porch, ask your event planner to rent space heaters for the room.  Experts suggest 1 per 10 guests for optimal warmth.  When taking pictures outside in the snow, wear a chic fur shawl to keep warm- or just snuggle up close to your groom!

The key to a fabulous winter wonderland wedding is to remember the holiday traditions that your families cherish.  Or, start your own for the life you’re just beginning together.

It may be freezing outside, but this décor is far from being frigid!

So, would you consider having a wedding during the holiday season?

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{Wedding Wednesday} A Kiss of Rose Gold

Brought back in the limelight by Michael Kors’ gorgeous watches, rose gold is “the fab new neutral”… which makes it great for your wedding, too!  If you can’t decide between gold or silver metallic accents in your palette, rose gold is a wonderful alternative.

What is rose gold?  It’s an alloy, or a mix, of 24k yellow gold and copper.  When looking for your wedding details, you can search for rose gold and copper interchangeably- they’ll be similar in color for decorations like candle holders, photo frames, and placecards.  Rose gold can be as utilitarian as the copper wire bouquet shown below, or as rustic as beautiful lanterns for your tables’ candles.  Of course, rose gold is amazing in jewelry like your engagement ring and wedding bands.  I love the personalized lucky penny keychains to give as favors to your guests, too.The metallic color pairs well with cream and soft pink, or jewel tones like plum purple and peacock blue.  Although it’s not as readily available as gold or silver accents, the look is worth it!  Copper chiavari chairs are hard to come by but stunning for your reception and the flatware is a unique touch at each place setting.

What’s your favorite new rose gold piece?  Would you use the trend in your wedding?

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{Wedding Wednesday} 007 Sky Fall Inspiration

So, who saw ‘Skyfall’ this weekend?  We’ve been so busy that we haven’t yet, but inspiration from the film is sweeping the nation.  Daniel Craig stars as the always dapper 007 agent in the latest of one of the most classic series in cinema history. Emoting all that is rich, glamorous, and a little bit dangerous, nods to the Bond lifestyle can be added to your wedding.

The obvious would be to dress your groom in the famous Bond  tuxedo, which is always a good choice for a black tie affair.  A sweet way to incorporate the theme is to gift him a gorgeous designer watch as a wedding present (hint- you could get it inscribed with your monogram and wedding date or a favorite quote).  Instead of a limo, rent a classic luxury auto as your ‘getaway car.’

As for bridal fashion, the key is to look timeless. Stick to black and white with pops of red, complimented by gold diamond jewelry. Hair can be swept up in an effortless updo to show off chandelier earrings.  And did you see those Valentino shoes?  We’re kind of obsessed.

Use the Vesper, a vodka martini which was first introduced in the Bond movies, as your signature drink and name it ‘Shaken, Not Stirred.’  The menu could feature cuisine from some of the countries seen in the films, like Britain, Thailand, Jamaica, Greece, or Turkey.  In addition, a cigar bar for the men (if your venue has a smoking area outside) would add a luxurious touch.

Our tips? Think sophisticated style to avoid being too “theme-y.” ‘Casino Royale’ is a great movie, but we wouldn’t recommend decorating with roulette tables and poker chips.  Gold charger plates easily add glam to table settings, and deep red roses are always in style.  And don’t forget to leave your guns at home ;)

Tell us what you think!  Would you use any or all of these Bond inspired ideas for your wedding?

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{Wedding Wednesday} A match made in Heaven…Lavender & Charcoal

A match made in heaven… Lavender and charcoal!

After just redoing my bedroom with lavender walls and charcoal accents, I realized how much I like this color combination for events, too!  The softness and femininity of the light purple work well with the harder, neutral gray, which makes it appropriate for events like weddings and sweet sixteens, along with everyday home décor.  Accent colors like a deeper violet and a creamy off-white can be brought into the palette for added dimension.

Although they are both shades of purple and often used interchangeably, lavender and lilac are two different colors.  Be very specific with your vendors and planner if you are using either color for an event.  Lavender has blue-gray hues to give it a more muted, sophisticated feel.  Lilac has tints of red, which makes it appear pinker, so it’s a brighter shade that’s great for an event like a baby shower.

Check out some inspiration below!  Then tell us what you think of the lavender and charcoal look!

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Drum roll please….

It is without further ado…..

Over the past few months I’ve been working on my company’s rebranding strategy with Stacie Francombe from Inspire Smart Success, and, the evolution process of T. Chalk Event Management  to its newly improved marque has been exciting to say the least.

Most people may ask why would there be a need to rebrand.  Sometimes in life, things don’t come to an end they just simply get better.  As the name T. Chalk Event Management was no longer a fit for where the company is headed or the clients that we serve, we determined that it was time to do just that.

With our new name and image, we are conveying to our clients our true personality in that, while we are serious about the business of event planning, we enjoy (and want our clients to enjoy) having fun in the process.   We are working hard behind the scenes to perfect our craft and going to the next level in every aspect of the business, and, are very enthusiastic about our new website and blog concepts that will be launching soon!

With that being said, say hello to Tiffany Chalk Events!!!

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